Ven. Dr. Kotawila Sri Pemaloka Nayaka Thera is the Abbot and Founder. 
The Venerable is a well-knows scholar monk from Sri Lanka. He completed his
M.A, M.Phils and Ph.D in Buddhist Philosophy and Religious Comparative Studies.
After his higher Ordination at age 20, he started doing his missionary work in
Malaysia, Singapore as well as a brief period in U.K. 
while pursuing his religious studies at the University of Lancaster. 
Todate, he has been doing his missionary work for over 47 years.

He had written several books in English and Sinhalese catering to younger
generations.He is the founder of Aaloka Buddhist Center where he continues
to do dhammadutha activities. He is also holding several posts in a number
of international Buddhist an inter-religious organizations.

Aaloka Buddhist Center (Singapore) and Academy is a result of his mission to
provide a center of Buddhist education to dispels any misconceptions of 
superstitions on Buddhism.

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